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Curing Cancer Using Frequencies
by Scott Saunders
Why hasn’t anyone found a cure for cancer yet? People often ask.  In reality, Royal R. Rife, born in 1888 and died in 1971, did in fact find a cure using frequencies (for not only five per cent of cancers, but for cancers in general) in 1934 after having conducted exhaustive research with the use of one of the world’s most powerful microscopes.  You ask why this isn’t known worldwide.  The answer dates back to the time of the first clinical trial and the intrigue of science versus power and greed in 1934.  Suppressed, this technology cured 80% of 10,000 patients until 1950, when it was finally driven underground or out of the country.  A book, The Cancer Cure that Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression, by Barry Lynes, outlines the history of the discovery of a cure for cancer, its implementation, and ultimately, its suppression and elimination as an option for conventional medicine in the United States.  This paper summarizes the key points in Barry Lynes’ book, revealing a fascinating story but an unfinished venture, left for those interested in eradicating the cancer anomaly, similar to what has been done for polio.  At the end, it points to a practice that has been successfully applying frequencies, detoxification and immune system building, based on the principles described below.

The discovery of a cure began in 1920 with research on the cancer virus. In 1934, Rife isolated the virus, then systematically cured 16 out of 16 terminal cancer patients, 14 in 70 days and the remaining two within 90 days.  He found the exact electrical frequency which destroyed the individual microorganisms responsible for cancer, herpes and tuberculosis.  Secret treatment, due to a power/greed struggle, was conducted between 1934 and 1956.  In the 1950’s, Rife’s partner, John Crane, proclaimed to the world that "specific electromagnetic frequencies would have a negative effect on specific bacterial forms."   The underpinning principle was that bacteria are pleomorphic rather than monomorphic. This principle was discovered by Pierre Beauchamp, of France, and was counter to the belief of Louis Pasteur.  In reality, according to Beauchamp, bacteria are the symptom rather than the cause of cancer.  Live specimen microscopy allowed Rife to operate under Beauchamp’s theory. Current microscopy at the time was limited to examining only dead specimens.

Rife allowed that viruses are extraordinarily small microbes consisting of DNA or RNA surrounded by a coat of protein and require a living cell to reproduce.  Bacteria are much larger.  In the 1930s, bacteria which passed through tiny filters were called "filterable bacteria," which Rife identified as a cause of cancer, which he later called a virus.  The proof was produced in 1934 with a clinical trial under the supervision of the University of Southern California (USC) Medical Research Committee, when the 16 terminally ill cancer patients were healed.  The isolation of the cancer virus was made possible through the use of Rife’s electron telescope.  Bacteria could be seen through conventional telescopes, as they are one micron in size (1/25,000).  Viruses range in size from 10 millimicrons (10 thousandths of a micron) to 300 millimicrons.  Three hundred millimicrons is the resolution limit for the light telescope.

Following the proof of concept during the USC trials, began the suppression of the newly found cure.  The American Medical Association (AMA), in power since 1901, had authority over "accepted" medical practices through accreditation of medical schools, thus controlling what was taught to new doctors and through influencing their licensure.  The AMA was ruled virtually by one man at the top.  This man in 1934 was Morris Fishbein.  Additional influence and control was in place at the head of Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute.  Sloan Kettering aligned with the American Cancer Society, under the leadership of Dr.Cornelius Rhoads, in 1939, dictated cancer policies for the entire United States. In 1934, Morris Fishbein, of the AMA, according to Benjamin Culler, approached Rife to effect a business relationship with his new discovery.  Due to a combination of Rife desiring to maintain the science of the technology and the reaction of Fishbein not being allowed to join the party, a systematic suppression of the cure from conventional medicine began.  At the time Dr. R.T. Hamer was treating 40 cases per day.  What was present at the time was the identification and classification of the disease-causing micro-organisms in a totally unique way, including the finding and application of the precise frequency of the disease, thus "blowing them up."

This discovery, by Rife, was possible by the use of a microscope of 17,000 power of magnification compared to conventional microscopes of the time with 2,000 power of magnification.  It was done by "an ingenuous arrangement of lenses applying an entirely new optical principal and by introducing double quartz prisms and powerful illuminating lights."  "The light used is polarized, passing through crystals that stop all rays except those vibrating in one particular plane.  By means of a double reflecting prism, the plane of vibration can be turned in any direction, controlling the illumination of the minute objects in the field very exactly."

Using his microscope for sometimes 24-48 hours at a time, drinking only water and eating nothing, Rife proved pleomorphism by finding that cancer had four forms:  1) BX (carcinoma); 2) BY (sarcoma-larger than BX) 3) monococcoid form in the monocytes of the blood of 90% of cancer patients, which, when properly stained, can be seen with a standard research microscope; and 4) crytomyces pleomorphic fungi (identical to orchid and mushroom). Thus, Rife proved pleomorphism, in that the cancer virus changes depending on its environment.  He argued that it was not the bacteria themselves that produced the disease, but the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms acting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the body; i.e. "if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised it is susceptible to no disease."  He discovered pig meat, mushrooms and orchids all possessed the natural cause of the frequency. He tested his theory on 400 animals using frequency instruments tuned to the same "BX" frequency before use on humans.  He ultimately built five microscopes, the largest of which was 30,000 power of magnification.  Unfortunately, Rife’s research records were lost when he loaned them to Dr. Arthur Hale a few years later.

In the summer of 1934, however, 16 terminally ill patients with cancer and other diseases were brought to Scripps "ranch" in San Diego.  They were exposed to the "BX" frequency with the frequency instrument for only three minutes every three days.  This allowed the body to self-detoxify the dead micro-organisms.  The patients began healing quickly.  Rife wrote, "With the Frequency Instrument, no tissue is destroyed, no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and three minutes later the treatment is completed.  Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.  The break between treatments gives the lymphatic system the opportunity to absorb and cast off the toxic condition produced by the devitalized dead particles."  His research was signed off by five medical doctors and one pathological doctor of USC.  His followers have argued that the cancer is carried to all parts of the body by the blood stream and question why anyone would elect surgery to cure cancer, if, in fact, it is present in the blood stream. 

Between 1968 and 1983, over 10,000 cancer patients were treated at the Dr. Livingston Wheeler clinic in San Diego using the Frequency Instrument.  Dr. Livingston Wheeler reported an 80% success rate. On October 30, 1970, Dr. Livingston Wheeler, with Dr. Eleanor Alexander Jackson, Dr. Irene Diller and Dr. Florence Seibert, published their findings in a report titled Micro-organisms Associated With Malignancy.  In their report, they stated, "...one specific type of highly pleomorphic micro-organism that has been observed and isolated consistently by us from human and animal malignancies of every obtainable variety for the last 20 years...The organism has remained an unclassified mystery, due in part to its remarkable pleomorphism and its stimulation of other micro-organisms.  Its various phases may resemble viruses, micrococci, diptheroids, bacilli and fungi." The results of Rife’s research and proof of concept and Dr.Livingston Wheeler’s confirmation and implementation ultimately were systematically suppressed by pressure from the AMA, Sloan Kettering, other "accepted" institutions, pharmaceuticals, and legislation allowing only chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to be practiced for the cure of cancer.

The suppression first came out into the open when AMA pressure forced a lawsuit making frequency instruments illegal.  These practices subscribe to attacking the cancer cells in its monomorphic form, not the DNA or RNA in its four pleomorphic forms that attach to cells, thus not getting to the root cause. This, of course, makes a great business case for current institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and treatment centers that are currently accepted and "legal" in the United States.  The patient progresses through a series of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in an ever-debilitating protocol in almost all cancer types, only to suffer through the remainder of his or her life, at great expense and pain because the root cause, i.e. the micro-organism in its pleomorphic forms, is never eradicated.  In this system, five years of miserable treatment is declared a "success."

If you are interested in more details of a cure for cancer, known since 1934, I recommend you read Barry Lynes’ book, or write him, if you want to become a serious advocate of curing cancer.  His book, which is very difficult to purchase in the United States, The Cancer Cure that Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression, was published in Canada by Marcus Books, P.O. Box 327, Queensville, Ontario, Canada, LOG 1RO (905) 967-0219, copyright© Barry Lynes 1987. You can contact him at P.O. Box 12183, Palm Desert, CA, USA 92255.
In addition, if you are interested in seeking a cure for cancer or other serious diseases for yourself or one of your loved ones, I suggest that you get your own Rife type frequency generator. See www.riferesonator.com and www.rife.de for more details.